Marini Manufacturing Increases Productivity And Capacity With A New HCN-5000 HMC

Marini Manufacturing needed a way to increase productivity and increase capacity in a tight labor market. They were able to accomplish both, with the purchase of a new Mazak HCN-5000 Horizontal Machining Center.

The Racine, Wisconsin based CNC contract manufacturer had a family of legacy parts that increased in volume. With the challenges in finding skilled machine operators, the only way to take on these additional machining hours was to find a machine that could reduce cycle times by 30% or more.

They were able to accomplish that with the Mazak HCN-5000. “This was our first Mazak at our Racine facility, and we wanted to make sure we didn’t miss a beat. It was quite simple to get our existing programs running on the new Mazak. Our set up personnel are impressed with the features and control on the HCN-5000” stated company President Tom Marini.   With 120 tools and an 18,000 RPM spindle, Marini Manufacturing has been able to absorb the increase in volume and still has machine capacity available. Contact Marini Manufacturing at or visit their website at for any machining needs