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As a company who is passionate about process improvement, MSI is experienced in the benefits that can be realized through the adoption of Industry 4.0 initiatives in your business. From the digital connectivity of your manufacturing floor through the collection, monitoring and secure transfer of this critical data throughout your operation, MSI can connect you with our industry partners that will allow you to flourish in today’s digital manufacturing world.

Connectivity – whether it is connecting to your new Mazak machine tool with SMOOTH CNC or connecting your legacy equipment, there are several opportunities to digitally connect to a single machine or your entire factory floor:

  • MT Connect® –  is an open, royalty-free manufacturing communications protocol that fosters greater interoperability between manufacturing devices and software from different suppliers. Click here to learn more about how Mazak actively supports the MT® Connect protocol
  • Smooth Link – Designed to integrate with Mazatrol SMOOTH CNC’s, Mazak SMOOTH Link makes it possible to sync your machine with a mobile device to monitor and manage its status at any time from a smartphone, tablet or laptop computer.

Collecting, Monitoring & Reporting– To assist Mazak customers who have interest in learning more about the benefits of machine monitoring, Mazak offers a simple monitoring dashboard. Click here and look for “MTConnect Demo Dashboard Flyer” to receive info on how to receive this dashboard from Mazak.

If you would like more information on other industry partners that MSI works with that provide complete data collection, monitoring and reporting tools, please click here.

Security – with the integration of the shop floor to the remainder of the enterprise and beyond, eliminating unauthorized access to machines and data is paramount to any successful digital integration solution. Mazak’s SMARTBox provides advanced cyber security protection that gives factory owners and IT departments confidence to digitally integrate their manufacturing operations.

Are you considering an update to your equipment this year? Mazak’s SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform is an excellent way to quickly advance yourself into your digital integration initiative. More than a CNC control, Mazak’s SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY platform integrates the machine design, CNC technology, SMOOTH application software and engineering support to provide a comprehensive solution to keep your operation on the cutting edge. Learn more about how these SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY solutions can improve the productivity of your operation:

Advanced Machining

Metrology & Compensation

Tool Management

Monitoring & Analytics

HYBRID Multi-tasking

SMOOTH Set & Inspect

SMOOTH Tool Data Converter

SMOOTH Spindle Analytics

SMOOTH Gear Cutting

SMOOTH Volumetric Compensation

SMOOTH Tool Management


Mazak Oval Turning


SMOOTH Monitor

SMOOTH Orbitturn Function


SMOOTH Engraving Function


Have questions regarding your digital integration initiative or how Mazak’s SMOOTH TECHNOLOGY can impact your productivity? Let us know how we can help.

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