Benefits of Financing

Our Financing. Your Benefit.

We are in the business of machine tools. We know the industry inside and out — that includes financing and refinancing your purchases. Our teams are always looking out for your business’ best interests. We have the experience and knowledge to get you the greatest financing benefits possible.

Get Financing Benefits. Find Flexibility, Freedom and Time.

Enjoy the flexibility. We have relationships with many funding sources. This allows us to find the right structure that fits your unique circumstances. Our financial packages are customized to your needs, allowing you financial benefits like payment skips and prepayment options.

Preserve your credit. When you choose financing through Systems Financial Credit versus the bank, you have the freedom to preserve your valuable bank lines for other operating needs.

Save valuable time. Systems Financial Credit allows you more time to focus on the critical aspects of your business that make you competitive. With our quick, easy one-page “app-only” program, we’ll streamline the approval process and handle the final details of obtaining approval and managing all aspects of your financing. Turn-around can be as quick as 48 hours!

Get tax benefits from leasing. You may be able to deduct your monthly lease payments as an operating cost. Leasing also helps you avoid the Alternative Maximum Tax (AMT).

Cover equipment costs. You can include 100 percent of your soft costs related to your equipment purchase right into the lease — including shipping, software, installation, tooling and taxes.

Lease with longer terms. Many financial institutions prefer to lend money on a short-term basis — typically 12 to 36 months. Leasing with us allows you to extend the term up to 84 months on qualifying equipment.

Pay as you go. With leasing, you use the equipment for a planned monthly payment. This allows you to leverage the latest technology without making a major upfront investment.

Purchase, upgrade or renew. At the end of your lease term, you can choose to purchase the equipment, return it and upgrade to new equipment, or continue to lease at a substantial savings.

Refinance. Reap the Rewards.

With significantly reduced monthly payments, you will achieve two major benefits: the ability to free up cash flow for other uses and the opportunity to lock in your financing at a much lower rate.