Trade-in/Sell a Machine

Surplus Equipment? We Can Help.


Trading in a machine to buy a new or used piece of equipment? Are you looking to free up floor space? Has your work flow changed, eliminating the need for some of your equipment? Are you looking for an opportunity to turn an underperforming asset into cash? MSI is always in the market for quality used CNC equipment.  

Whether you are looking to liquidate a single piece of equipment, a production cell or your entire plant, MSI’s Used Equipment Group can ensure you receive top dollar for your assets.  We can provide you with cash immediately on single or small quantities of machines or, if you prefer, structure a broker or consignment arrangement for the sale of your machine. We can also work with your new equipment supplier to structure a trade-in on your new machine purchase. On larger liquidations, MSI’s team of experts can handle the on-site or on-line auction of your equipment. Our in-house team of logistics personnel ensures that the disposition of your asset is hassle-free to you.

Curious about the value of your quality used CNC surplus machine? Contact one of our Used CNC Specialists today.

Looking to trade-in or sell a Used CNC Machine?