Preventive Maintenance

PRIOR PLANNING. Greater Uptime.

No one likes surprises, especially when it causes you to break a promise with a customer. MSI’s experienced service team can help you reduce machine down time “surprises” by taking care of your preventive maintenance needs.

Why should you consider MSI as your Preventive Maintenance partner?

  1. Regular PM visits help reduce the costs and headaches associated with unplanned downtime. These headaches include:
    • Unhappy customers due to late delivery
    • Overtime for maintenance/production personnel to make up for lost time
    • Rescheduling workflow around down machine
    • Scrap and rework costs associated with machine breakdown in-cycle
    • Expediting costs associated with replacement part deliveries
    • Costs of additional inventory on-hand to offset machine down time concerns
  2. Regular PM visits can increase the life expectancy of your machine tools
  3. Regular PM visits can identify possible safety concerns before they become an issue
  4. Regular PM visits let you control the timing and costs associated with pending repairs

When MSI becomes your PM partner, you can be assured that your PM work is being completed by a factory-trained service technician that understands your equipment. During your PM, our technician will take the time to explain our findings and give you options on how to consider addressing any upcoming repair concerns.

We offer standard and customized PM options for all of Mazak’s machine models. Contact us today to learn how MSI can work with you to develop your preventive maintenance plan.

Looking for preventative maintenance?