Mazak Adds New SYNCREX Plant to Manufacturing Campus

Company continues to grow and invest in Kentucky machine tool production operations

FLORENCE, Ky., December 15, 2022 – To support the production of yet another new Kentucky-designed and built line of machine tools, Mazak has expanded its Florence manufacturing campus with the addition of a new SYNCREX Assembly Plant. The 27,000-square-foot state-of-the-art building combines engineering, production and applications support for the company’s recently launched SYNCREX Series of Swiss-style machine tools designed specifically for precision high production of small parts.

With an output capacity of up to 10 machines per month, the SYNCREX building features all the necessary overhead cranes and equipment its employees need to produce 16 different models within the SYNCREX Series for serving the North American market. The machines come in four barstock capacities (20/25/32/38) and four different axis configurations up to a 9X model with full B-axis contouring capabilities. Production flow through the building starts with a machined base that progresses through assembly operations and on to alignment, testing, inspection and runoff procedures prior to shipping.

“While the building’s name is the SYNCREX Assembly Plant, a lot more than just assembly happens there,” said Kevin Sekerak, plant manager at Mazak. “Within the new building’s production flow, we’ve incorporated applications support, which is extremely critical for this particular type of machine. That support entails integrating various forms of automation and other ancillary systems together with the machines, then proving them out to make sure they all operate to customer performance requirements and specifications. Often, applications specialists will work side by side with assembly technicians during customer runoffs of a machine.”

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