Mazak Introduces the UD-400/5X for Micro-Precise High-Speed Machining

FLORENCE, Ky., March 13, 2018 – Mazak’s new Ultimate Die & Mold (UD) 400/5X Vertical Machining Center delivers incredibly precise 5-axis machining in a small footprint platform. Ideal for applications ranging from medical and dental instruments to mold and die components and beyond, the machine sports a rigid base and double-column symmetrical construction that allow its state-of-the-art spindle to reach the highest levels of precision and speed.

The integral 45,000-rpm HSK-E40 spindle, powered by an 18.5-HP motor, features temperature-controlled cooling oil that circulates through the spindle housing to ensure stability for even the longest periods of high-speed operation. Ballscrew core cooling controls the temperature further, while 16 temperature sensors throughout the machine detect any other heat build-up. The machine’s thermal shield also controls for environmental temperature fluctuations.

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