Fifty Years of Mazak Kentucky Manufacturing Excellence

POSTED ON 5/6/2024 – An extremely wise man once said that a machine tool company has to be close to the markets it serves to gain a complete understanding of the manufacturing culture and to support the industry in the best possible way. That man was the late Teruyuki (Terry) Yamazaki, President of Yamazaki Mazak Corporation. He recognized the need to integrate Mazak into the United States and chose Florence, Kentucky, for the company’s North American manufacturing headquarters 50 years ago.

Yamazaki’s pragmatism to gain a complete understanding of the manufacturing culture was coupled with what could be categorized in 1974 as nothing short of visionary. Conducting business globally at that time was a major undertaking, and success took hard work, dedication and perseverance on his part.

Since its Kentucky facility opened, Mazak has continued to honor and build upon Yamazaki’s vision. Through its industry leadership in manufacturing innovation and technology, engineering and customer support, the company has securely positioned itself as a champion of the North American manufacturing industry. 

As a company dedicated to continuous improvement and evolution to always go above and beyond for its customers, Mazak has experienced 20 expansions at its Florence manufacturing campus and produces more than 70 different machining solutions at the facility. With almost one million-sq.-ft., the facility designs and builds machine tools and manufacturing technology that ensure its customers reduce costs and maximize their productivity.

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