Machine Specifications

Year 2018
Control Type Fanuc 31i-B5
Maximum Swing 38mm
Maximum Headstock Stroke 350mm
Spindle Speed 5000 RPM (Gang Type)
5700 RPM (Turret Type)
Equipped With Tool Presetter
3 [431-09] Wedge Type 2 Station Tool Holder 16mm▼
2 [581-12] Triple Sleeve Holder Main/Back 32mm
6 [421-26] Counter Face Drill Sleeve ER-20
3 [191-01] Tilting Head 2-Spindle Drilling Unit – ER16
2 [201-50] Cross Drilling Unit ER16
[431-51] 2 Spindle Cross Drilling Unit ER-16
2 [431-52] High Speed 2 Spindle Cross Drilling Unit ER-11
2 [571-55] Milling Unit ER-16
2 [581-52] Cross Drilling Unit ER-16
[1A341/1A438] Synchronized Rotary Magic Guide Bushing Unit
[NJ2000E] High Pressure Pump (OIL ONLY)
[NJMIST] Tri-Mist Collector
[NJCHILLERE] NE15OIL Chiller System 480 Volt Electrical Package
LNS ALPHA 538 Bar Feeder
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