Used Niigata Information

Niigata Machinery Co.

Below is a list of various Niigata machines produced throughout the years.  If there is a specific Niigata machine you are looking for, we can assist you with locating it through our world-wide used CNC equipment database.  Please call 847.490.1910.N

Looking for a Used Niigata Machine?
CNC Horizontal Machining Centers
  • Niigata BFN 50
  • Niigata BFN 63
  • Niigata HN1000-S
  • Niigata HN100D
  • Niigata HN100D-BAR
  • Niigata HN100D-FC
  • Niigata HN1250-S
  • Niigata HN1600-S
  • Niigata HN50D
  • Niigata HN63D
  • Niigata HN800-S
  • Niigata HN80D
  • Niigata HN80D-BAR
  • Niigata HN80D-FC
  • Niigata MPN 80
  • Niigata SPN 40
  • Niigata SPN503
  • Niigata SPN701
  • Niigata SPN702
  • Niigata SPN901