The AMT Honors Mazak’s Brian Papke for Lifetime of Industry Dedication

FLORENCE, Ky., November 10, 2021 – Recognized for his lifetime of dedication to the advancement of the manufacturing industry, Brian Papke, former Chairman and now Executive Advisor to the Board of Mazak Corporation, received the prestigious Al Moore Award from The Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT) during the recent MFG Meeting and MTForecast in Denver. Throughout his career, Papke has promoted, supported and expanded applications of machine tools and manufacturing technology in ways that have proven instrumental to the success of North American manufacturers.

Papke’s long, distinguished career in the machine tool industry began after his graduation from the University of Illinois. He entered the machine tool industry in a management training program, and then progressed through various sales and management positions, eventually becoming president of Mazak. In 2016, after 29 years of service with Mazak, he was named Chairman.

During an emotional award-acceptance speech at the AMT MFG Meeting, Papke extended heartfelt thanks to his family, friends, the association itself, and especially to Mazak and the Yamazaki family. “I am truly honored to receive this incredible award,” said Papke. “I consider myself lucky to be part of the industry and am extremely grateful for the friendships I’ve made along the way with those individuals who supported and believed in me and who shared my passion for the manufacturing industry, machine tools and Mazak.”

Papke went on to say that he never considered his career a job, but instead a way of life for 55 years. “Where did the time go?” asked Papke during his speech. “Out of college, I started in a factory assembling machines,” he said, “and before I knew it, I was traveling to Japan and all around the world for Mazak. My career has been a tremendous and fulfilling journey.” 

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