New Mazak VC-Ez Series Delivers Affordability and Performance

FLORENCE, Ky., December 4, 2020 – To provide job shops reliable, maximum machine-tool performance at a lower capital investment, Mazak has launched the new VC-Ez Series of 3-axis vertical machining centers designed and built in Kentucky. Featuring the company’s new MAZATROL SmoothEz CNC and optimized for simple operation as well as fast and easy installation, VC-Ez machines offer enhanced ergonomics, stable and reliable part processing and long-term dependability.

The VC-Ez Series begins with Mazak’s introduction of the VC-Ez 20, and soon will include both smaller and larger machines, the VC-Ez 16 and VC-Ez 26. All VC-Ez Series machines sport C-frame designs with X and Y axis motion via moving tables and saddles. For rigidity and repeatable part precision, guideway systems use Mazak’s highrigidity MX linear roller guide systems, and pre-tensioned ball screws ensure precise axis movement. Auger-type chip removal systems provide economical operation, with the option of affordable hinge-type chip conveyors that ship affixed to the machines that eliminate the need and cost of a second shipping pallet.

To streamline VC-Ez machine programming and shorten the learning curve for new operators, Mazak’s new MAZATROL SmoothEz CNC provides dual 800 MHz processors, 512 MB of RAM and a vibrant 15″ capacitive touch screen that includes a full keyboard and displays up to 60 lines of code. Within the control, EIA/G-code and MAZATROL programming languages support a full range of programming options directly on the machine, while the MAZATROL TWINS function enables use of Solid MAZATROL, Virtual Machining and Cutting Adviser through Smooth Cam Ai and centralized storage and file management through Smooth Project Manager.

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