Multi-Tasking: What Is It Good For? Absolutely Everything!

Multi-Tasking machine tool technology has revolutionized manufacturing and continues to play a critical role in today’s truly progressive shops. Besides the amazing gains in productivity, Multi-Tasking technology has catapulted shops, especially smaller ones, to levels where they can easily machine the most complex parts in the world and do so cost-effectively.

Current Multi-Tasking machine configurations can incorporate a veritable slew of components and capabilities – from twin turning spindles, multiple tool turrets with rotary tool stations and Y-axis off-centerline capability to tilt/rotary B-axis milling spindles, rotary/tilt tables and large capacity tool magazines. And while some shops may believe the technology has leveled off, quite the opposite holds true as machine tool builders refine and improve upon the designs of Multi-Tasking machines every day.

Some of these design advancements in Multi-Tasking machine tool technology include integral-motor roller cam-style turrets, enhanced lower turrets, direct-drive milling spindles and servo drilling tailstocks. Additional advanced capabilities include simultaneous milling with upper and lower machine turrets and long drilling operations.

Integral-motor turrets that use roller gear cam drive systems deliver smooth, high-speed, high-accuracy digital indexing as well as expandability. Such versatile turrets typically house 12 tool positions with the ability to expand up to 24. Increased tool capacity equals longer uninterrupted run times and the ability to use more common tooling, which helps reduce overall tooling inventory.

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