Mazak’s New Spindle Rebuild Facility: A Spindle Production Powerhouse

POSTED ON 12/3/2019 – The spindle is the heart of a machine tool, and we know how much you depend on your machine’s spindle performance to meet your overall production and business goals. At Mazak, we build and repair spindles better than anyone else. So, expanding our already industry-leading Spindle Rebuild Department to make it a spindle production powerhouse is one of our top priorities. The new facility is currently under construction on Mazak’s Kentucky campus. Once it’s complete, we’ll be able to get you the spindles you need faster than ever before, minimizing downtime and helping your shop stay productive and profitable.

Here are the ways we’re improving our Spindle Rebuild Department:
  1. We’re expanding the work area square footage by 10 percent.
  2. We’re designing a clean, bright and ergonomic workspace to streamline operational flow, efficiency and speed.
  3. We’re placing the new facility closer to the Mazak Parts Department in the South Building.
  4. We’re incorporating some new advanced technology, including spindle balancing units and other process systems, especially intended for accommodating larger size spindles.