Mazak Expands State-of-the-Art Spindle Rebuild Center in Kentucky

FLORENCE, Ky., May 29, 2019 – With the expansion of its industry-leading Spindle Rebuild Department, Mazak will reset the bar for efficiency and quality in OEM-factory-certified spindle rebuild services. The expanded and newly updated department, which will now be located in the South Building on Mazak’s Kentucky manufacturing campus, will further improve the company’s ability to quickly deliver spindles and reduce customer downtime.

The grand opening of the new Spindle Rebuild Department will take place during the company’s DISCOVER 2019 event, which will be held on November 4-15 at the Kentucky manufacturing campus. As the largest private manufacturing event in North America, DISCOVER 2019 will present attendees with new technology, advanced manufacturing solutions and valuable industry insight to increase their operational efficiency and global competitiveness.

DISCOVER 2019 attendees will have the opportunity to tour the Spindle Rebuild Department, which supports every Mazak machine tool spindle in North America – over 2,000 different models covering a wide range of horsepower ratings and speeds. As a cost-effective option for its customers, the expanded department will keep upwards of 1,000 rebuilt spindles in stock and ready for exchange, particularly those found in Mazak’s most popular machine models.

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