Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Summit North America 2019 (GALM)

August 20-22, 2019
COBO Center
1 Washington Boulevard
Detroit, MI 48226

Join Mazak MegaStir in Detroit for the Global Automotive Lightweight Materials Summit North America 2019 (GALM), the world’s leading automotive lightweighting conference. Experts in the joining technologies of Friction Stir Welding (FSW), Mazak MegaStir will offer attendees insights into the groundbreaking innovations made possible by pure, clean FSW welds that improve on the strength, quality, durability and joining capabilities of MIG welding and other options.

Mazak MegaStir offers automotive manufacturers advanced capabilities that can transform vehicle production. Visit Mazak MegaStir at GALM to learn more about how the FSW capabilities of Mazak HYBRID Multi-Taskingmachines like the VTC-300C FSW enable the combination of subtractive multi-axis machining with integrated FSW joining capabilities that reduce the time, setups and equipment necessary to produce advanced high-quality parts, including those that join dissimilar materials.

At the event, Mazak MegaStir will provide touchscreen experiences that combine HYBRID Multi-Tasking, Friction Stir Welding (FSW) and general Mazak information through the Mazak HYBRID Multi-Tasking kiosk.