Financing l Benefits of Refinancing

Increase Cash Flow

Refinance Your Current Lease and Reduce Your Payments Up to 50%

If you purchased equipment 3-5 years ago, your finance rates could be quite high.  If you have less than 2 years remaining on a 5 year lease, you may want to consider refinancing your existing lease at prevailing rates for either 36 or 48 months.  By substantially reducing your monthly payment you will achieve two very important benefits: 

  • Free up valuable cash flow for other uses (including the purchase and financing of another machine), and
  • Lock in your financing at todays historically low levels before rates begin to increase (which is just a matter of time).
For example: If you have a 60 month $200k lease with 18 payments remaining at a 10% interest rate, you could reduce your monthly payment from $4,200 to $2,200 by refinancing for an additional 36 months at around 7%.  By saving $2,000 on your monthly payment, you could free up cash flow for other purposes including the purchase of another machine. 

Systems Financial Credit can help you find the right refinancing structure to meet your cash flow needs.


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